Why do HackerNest? WHY? WHY? WHY?


This is undeniably the question we get the most. Many wonder what it is that drives us to funnelling our energies into something ephemeral, so intangible, and unself-serving. Here’s an inside look at what pulls us all together.

  • Traditional ‘use-everybody’ networking sucks.
  • Community sucks (less, and less though).
  • Collaboration and cohesiveness in tech is few and far between.

We want to change that. So we started with a single event in a single city. Unpretentious, laid-back, nice. Not prescriptive in the least. Just a night every month where technologists can congregate with their like-minded peers, a cold drink in hand. That single event spread with folks asking for events like ours in their city.

Fast forward a year and we very quickly grew infamous for having events antithetical to most others, and tested moving into a few different cities. We evolved our mission from one formed out of a self-serving need in one city into a more universal mantra centered around “building Silicon Valley-like tech communities”. This is built on the pillars already familiar to us – authenticity & transparency, cohesiveness, and plain just being nice.

Tack another year on, and we’ve build a basic model and platform from which our movement grows, have gotten up to about a dozen cities internationally, and are preparing to launch in even more. We’ll now produce regular hackathons, the first of a new series called HackerNest Construct will happen in February 2014. The theme? Mind & Motion.

Look us up, we’re normal people bound by a deep-rooted need to affect positive change in the tech communities we belong in, with the hope that we can fundamentally change tech ecosystems around the world. We’re building out our support teams that stand behind every city’s volunteer organizing team.