Volunteers and City Organizers

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HackerNest is growing. We need exceptionally talented volunteers and City Organizers (who are also volunteers!) with out-of-this world initiative who actually get things done.

Whether you’re a Tech Social veteran or want to launch a new splinter cell, here are some key things to know.

Successful HackerNest events take time to plan and time to grow.

Local City Organizers are busy, often with jobs, school, life, and multiple projects on the go. They need solid time management skills.

Tech Socials usually take 2-5 hours per month to organize in addition to actually running the event. It’s mostly scheduling, emails, and phone conversations (with HackerNest HQ and city contacts), with the occasional venue visit.

(If your schedule doesn’t allow for this, don’t fret! Regular-volunteering at the Tech Social only takes a few hours. More below.)

Team Up!

Things are more fun with friends. You’ll work with others – splinter cells ideally have at least 3 organizers to divide duties and keep people accountable. Have someone in mind you could work with? Great! Let’s get introduced.

Some tech involved.

We use collaboration tools to keep everything running smoothly, including things like Google Drive, Dropbox, Skype, Trello, Meetup, etc. Be willing and ready to learn and navigate this stuff.

Volunteers are always needed!

Volunteers help with setup, tear down, and keeping things chugging along during the event.

They spend 50% of their time being active at assigned stations (e.g. registration or the bar) and
monitoring and helping keep things clean; empties, garbage, etc. The rest of the time, they’re regular attendees – they have drinks, make new friends, and relax!

Volunteers and City Organizers (who are also volunteers) usually have HackerNest lanyards and nametags.

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