Videos that showcase the vibe at our Tech Socials and hackathons


We’ve come a long way in the last few years. HackerNest has produced over 115+ tech events in 16 cities over 4 continents (5 if you use alternate ways to distinguish continents!!!) with a growing base of 70+ very awesome, very passionate City Organizers that keep making things happen. Then there were a couple of ‘largest-of’ hackathons, a peer-education marketplace we’ve recently launched in beta, alliances with some very awesome organizations doing very cool things.

And of course, we have a number of projects in the pipeline that really pull together our raison d’ĂȘtre.

Poverty alleviation through community and tech education.

So we’re still scrappy … but now just a little more ELEGANT and scrappy.

For those of you that found HackerNest, but still haven’t experienced us – well, here’s a stab at bridging our first in-real-life encounter. Two videos that are exemplary of the unpretentious, laid-back vibe we have gained notoriety for, and captures some of the essence that makes HackerNest unique in a world with quite a bit of white noise, in every respect!

Check these, then really quickly find the closest HackerNest event to you!

HackerNest Tech Socials bring people together.

Produced by the good people at the Applebox Film Company.

HackerNest Construct, a hackathon that breeds NEW technology hacks.

Produced by more good people, the folks at Bitmaker Labs.