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Where would we be without technology, honestly? It’s managed to weave its way into every aspect of my life, and I don’t think I’d have it any other way. I’ve got apps that distract, organize, create, and connect. Technology is more than just something we use to amuse ourselves. It can really help our lives on a daily basis, and has changed the way we interact with other people, yes, but also with our work and education. Tech can do good, and if we can use it effectively, we have the potential to change the world on a pretty grand scale. Why not start with ourselves?

Innovation is said to have diminishing growth potential, which means that the more you innovate, the less potential for a product to innovate further. Once a product takes zero time and has zero cost, room for innovation on the product ends. That sounds horrible! I think we need to see this more as an opportunity than an ending. We have the potential to help others, and as long as that desire is real, there will be need for innovation. On that note, have you registered for DementiaHack yet? 😉

I thought it would be neat to highlight three great apps that help me in my daily life, because really, the best technology is always easy-to-use, helpful, and accessible!

(Disclaimer: these are listed in no particular order and this should not be considered endorsement, just the author’s opinion on the products. We receive no compensation in exchange for these write-ups.)

Google Sheets: This one is easy, simple, known by all, and used by a few. Spreadsheets have this horrible connotation of being a boring application for professionals only. However, this app makes it simple to create budgets, calendars, and a multitude of other tasks that can help you stay organized in any and every aspect of your life. The best part of it is, it’s free and syncs across all your devices. Personally, I use it for budgeting. I created a budget tracker on my desktop and as I go about my day, I fill it out on my mobile each time I spend. It’s completely customizable and seriously does the trick. Best of all, it’s totally based off my preferences.

SoundHound: Ever have a song just stuck in your head with no way of figuring out what it is? This is where SoundHound excels. This app can recognize a song just by you humming it. Along with conventional functions such as recognizing songs playing in the background, and even following along with lyrics provided, this app can store your searches and even connect you to the services that provide the songs you find. See? Simple.

Duolingo: I love this app! For anyone who’s been wanting to learn a language, this is a great jumping off point. Its gamification of learning a language allows you to play against other users and moves you from beginner to someone functional in the language. With over 22 different languages to choose from and more on the way, Duolingo can set you up for that next vacation.
Try these out if you haven’t already! We’d love to hear your thoughts, and if you have apps that you think are great, let us know!

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