Ran a bunch of Tech Socials, featuring women in technology – recap!


Tech Socials, featuring women in technology – recap

And that’s a wrap – HackerNest Tech Socials featuring women in technology, in more than just Toronto. How did we do? We ended up in 8 cities – Kuala Lumpur, Sao Paulo, Montreal, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Dallas, Vancouver and Seattle.

From Toronto, all the way to Sao Paulo, we’ve got a few firsts.

  • coordinated running the most number of Tech Socials per night, ever,
  •  the most number of “women in technology” themed events in a single night
  • hosted parties for a combined total of almost 1,000 people

We had a few very intelligent, very all rounded speakers that gave us a glimpse of what it was like for them getting into tech, how it has been in the trenches, and how their passions came to be.

Some highlights:

Our speakers were fabulous, and completely on point!

All in, we had a massively fun group of ladies keynote our celebration. Here they are…thank you so much for talking to our people:

We celebrated and promoted women in technology – in multiple cities.

As we set out to do, our overarching goal was to endorse women in STEM and other technical industries, kick gender stereotypes in the face, and get more groups face-time across our channels.


We pushed community and environmental projects in front of hundreds.

At last count, November saw over 1,250 people attend our Tech Socials internationally. That is an abundance of connections, new friends, and drinks.

We killed the radio star.

Enough said.

This kung-fu kick picture was hilarious:

kungfu kick xsmall
And to sum it up, this equation was quite apt:




Again, a big thank you for everyone that planned, helped, participated. Stay on the lookout for our next event series, coming to a town near you.