Opportunity Project Demos at The White House


On Thursday, October 6th, our CEO, Shaharris, and Lead Engineer, Teresa, traveled to Washington, DC to demo Opportunity.HackerNest.com at the White House.

HackerNest is proud to have been given the chance to work on The Opportunity Project, an initiative by The White House that seeks to expand access to opportunity for all Americans through government open data.

The Opportunity Project puts data and digital tools in the hands of families, communities, and local leaders to help them navigate information about the resources they need to thrive. As a participating organization, HackerNest built a tool that maps government jobs and job/training centers relative to public transportation and shows macro salary data to help users navigate potential careers in government.

The White House Fact Sheet is available here.


The Department of Labor identified a national priority to connect people experiencing unemployment with jobs and apprenticeships. The following teams built tools for job-seekers and employers to address this challenge:

  • HackerNest’s “Opportunity.HackerNest.com” uses the data from DOL’s OpenSkills API and the Office Personnel Management’s USA JOB’s API to help users identify and navigate potential careers in federal government.
  • LinkedIn’s “Training Finder” uses DOL data to surface education options that lead to in-demand careers for job seekers.
  • Pairin’s “JobSeeker” uses DOL’s new OpenSkills API to match individuals to the jobs in their area that provide the greatest opportunity for personal and professional success based on their skills and experiences.
  • Ushahidi’s “Job Postings” combines crowd-sourced job postings and DOL data, to allow organizations to easily share job opportunities and job-seekers to receive timely SMS and email alerts of jobs in their areas.

Here’s what the featured projects looked like:

Tiles with still images of each featured project

While waiting for the opening remarks and speakers to kick off, Shaharris and Teresa happily snapped a photo with Megan Smith, ex-Googler and current United States Chief Technology Officer and Assistant to the President.

CEO and Engineering product manager, HackerNest, Megan Smith and other organizers of the event

During the expo-style demo exhibition, Shaharris and Teresa walked numerous government officials through the project, including Megan Smith (referenced above) and John Thompson, Director of the United States Census Bureau. Much of their valuable feedback will be compiled and incorporated into Opportunity.HackerNest.com as well as future job and economy-focused projects our team works on.

”Megan Smith called our project ‘super cool’ – we’re terribly proud of that,” says Shaharris. “It feels pretty amazing for our tiny Canadian nonprofit to have been recognized and invited to the White House to demo for a room of such tremendously accomplished and distinguished leaders.”

A laptop with HackerNest stickers, and a featured project

HackerNest’s involvement in this profoundly ambitious initiative proved inspiring, important, and memorable. We’re proud to have built a tool that helps Americans map out their commutes and their careers; honored to have been included in the ranks of such an impressive cabal of innovative companies and nonprofits working on worthwhile causes.

To see what we’ve built, visit opportunity.hackernest.com. For more information on The Opportunity Project, visit opportunity.census.gov.