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Facebook is proud to have been the presenting sponsor of DementiaHack. It was an honor and a privilege for me, as Chair, to have helped guide the event towards such a positive outcome. Anyone can run a hack event, but it is an entirely different thing to produce the world’s foremost dementia hackathon, which is why we chose to partner with HackerNest. Their experience, dedication, and enthusiasm helped ensure DementiaHack ran smoothly and it was a pleasure working with their team.Jordan Banks
Managing Director, Facebook

Your event this week was the best representation of what a hackathon can be that I have ever seen. To have such high profile people checking out what we can do here in Toronto and to have them be inspired was even more incredible.Simon Walker
Highcourt Partners

Our team at the City of Toronto has worked with HackerNest in engaging the tech community in Toronto. Their platform, insights and connections to the grassroots of the community have been invaluable in helping us reach this audience and develop resources to meet their needs.Chris Rickett, BES, MPA
Manager, Entrepreneurship Services, Economic Development & Culture, City of Toronto
I and the team of the British Consulate-General in Toronto have collaborated on a number of high impact tech based events and campaign. HackerNest’s tech, social science & community skills coupled with their global platform has enabled the British Government to deliver innovative outcomes in dementia research & co-operation between Toronto, London and other global cities.Kevin McGurgan OBE
British Consul-General Toronto & Director General UKTI Canada
The CourtHack event was the first time I’ve gotten to see court administrators and judges working closely with scrappy software engineers and dynamic product teams to solve major industry problems. I sit in between public and private sector stakeholders, and was amazed to see the two come together and create some excellent ideas over a 24-hour period at CourtHack. HackerNest and the NCSC did a great job of getting the right people in the room and I think we need to see more of this type of collaboration of ideas and skills to break down barriers in this industry.Noah Aron
VP and General Manager, One Legal

January 2018

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April 2017

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March 2017

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December 2016

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November 2016

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October 2016

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September 2016

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August 2016

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July 2016

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June 2016

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May 2016

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April 2016

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March 2016

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February 2016

25th: HackerNest receives Boryana Damyanova Award from Tufts University

January 2016

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November 2015

5th: Toronto hackathon seeks new solutions to help dementia patients, The Globe and Mail

October 2015

3rd: Facebook invites tech nerds to hack dementia, Maclean’s

September 2015

29th: Facebook and HackerNest to Produce World’s Foremost Hackathon to Help Those Affected by Dementia, Digital Journal

20th: Facebook and HackerNest to Host Hackathon to help those Affected by Dementia, Tech Vibes

I loved having court experts around to provide their insights into the justice system. In addition to creating solutions, their willingness to help goes a long way toward increasing awareness.Mathew Thacker
CourtHack Participant
In my previous capacity as a science diplomat for the UK government, I worked with HackerNest on two hackathons (DementiaHack 2014 and DementiaHack 2015). Both of these were unorthodox projects testing new ideas, and in both cases the HackerNest team proved to be highly capable, agile and professional. In my judgment, we would not have been able to deliver either project without HackerNest’s involvement, and they made both events far more successful than we had hoped.

I have not had the opportunity to work with HackerNest in my current capacity as a life sciences specialist for the City of Toronto, but they would be my first choice of partner for any technology-related project. While I would rate their sector knowledge, management skills and logistical organisation as good as or better than anyone I’ve worked with, for me their real value is in their trustworthiness. This isn’t about appropriate use of resources, though they do use resources appropriately; it’s about being able to wholly rely on them to do something. When I contract services or work with a project partner, I need to be able to trust that my partners will do what they say they’re going to do, when they say they’re going to do it, and raise any issues immediately. This, in my experience, is HackerNest’s strongest asset – they deliver, no matter what.
John Preece, Ph.D.
Sector Development Officer, Life Sciences, City of Toronto
It truly was a pleasure meeting all of you this year and having a chance to attend and support DementiaHack for a second year! I really want to commend all of you on delivering such an excellent event this year! I’ve only heard great feedback from everyone and so many of the teams are excited about the future of DH. We at the Alzheimer Society are excited to see some of these apps move towards the public marketplace and want to provide support however possible.Audra Rusinas
Alzheimer Society of Ontario
HackerNest Team, all the Sponsors, Organization Volunteers, Fellow Mentors and anyone else who made this event happen: You all ROCK!Ron Beleno
Caregiver Mentor
CourtHack was amazing. I loved the creativity that each team brought to the challenge sets. We, as court leaders, often fall into the trap of conceptualizing problems the same way. These hackers brought different perspectives to the issues and solved small problems (which is all they can really do in 24 hours!) in ways that we typically don’t think of or prioritize. But, in so doing, they opened our eyes to new possibilities. As a mentor, it was especially rewarding to watch their ideas evolve. I was impressed with their intellectual curiosity and their ability to rapidly adjust their designs to accommodate legal and operational realities that the mentors helped them see. Had this hackathon been in Southern California, I would have instantly offered paid internships to half a dozen impressive young coders.Snorri Ogata
CIO, Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County
CourtHack was one of the most well thought out and organized hackathons I have ever been to. Over the years, I have attended various hackathons covering an array of objectives and subjects, but none that truly made an impact on the industry that was sponsoring the event. We would work on a project, present after a day or two and then get free food. That was it.

CourtHack, however, exceed my expectations in every way possible. One of the minute details that CourtHack thought of was WiFi and power supplies. So many other hackathons forget these details, but not CourtHack! The second part of their impressive execution was they were a people of their word. If they said we were having food every 4 hours, then we ate EVERY 4 hours. It was a breath of fresh air to know that HackerNest and the NCSC were on top of the overall flow of the event and how smoothly it went for us as participants. They didn’t just throw gummy bears and soda at us, but had an array of beverages, energy drinks and catered food for the event. This allowed the teams to always stay refreshed and alert as they were constantly nourished. I believe because participants didn’t have to worry about the details, we were able to focus on the products and produce exceptional results.
Tony Mucci
CourtHack Participant
I think you and the team are outstanding.Tom Pirner
Runner-Up, Diagnosed Individual Challenge Set
CourtHack was unique and something that needs to be experienced up front!Richard Gatchell
Harman AMX
My name is Phyllis Fehr. I am a person who is living with a dual diagnoses of mixed dementia, in the form of early onset Alzheimer’s and Lewy body dementia. Back in early September I was asked by the Alzheimer’s Society of Ontario if I would speak to a group about living with the disease. I was informed that it would be to a group that was participating in a hack for dementia. I had been involved in a hack for health previously so it should not be too overwhelming.

On the day I arrived I was amazed at how well organized it was. There did however seem to be a large number of people showing up so an overflow room was quickly set up. It was not just myself speaking, there was a panel of six people, that included doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists and rehab therapists, if I remember correctly. We each discussed our role and explained it in depth, I had worked for twenty five years as a nurse, so this also helped.

I was also asked to be a mentor to two teams. Part of the mentoring was done at the three day actual event. During the event any team could ask questions to anyone. I was also asked to represent people living with this disease on the final judging panel.

If I remember correctly there were over 350 participants, 75 teams, 55 mentors and this does not include the sponsors, volunteers or attendees.

Upon arrival at the three day event I was overwhelmed by the size of the venue and the line up for the registrants. Once the event started the air in the room felt electrified, there was a feeling of sheer excitement and everyone was pumped. I thought that on the second day, this atmosphere would have dwindled, but it didn’t. If anything, it had increased.

The number of sponsors and dignitaries in attendance just helped to heighten this feeling and the amazing prizes did not hurt.

I would like to finish by saying that this was one of the greatest events I have ever attended. I was on a personal high for days after this event. It has made me personally strive to do better in the work I do for Alzheimer’s. If ever I was asked to participate again, I would jump at the chance to do so. No matter where or when, I would go just to experience this totally awesome experience again. I would also recommend to anyone asked to participate to say yes – this is something that I feel everyone should do at least once in a lifetime. As an off-note, my granddaughter attended and she was so amazed she has since decided to change her major in university. No matter what your age or your ability, this is an event to participate in, your youth returns while you are there and for a few days following. It definitely changes the way you see things.
Phyllis Fehr M.L.A., R.N., S.A.N.E.
Ontario Dementia Advisory Board & DementiaHack Judge