NewCo Toronto – 25% off Tickets for HackerNest Members!


We’re not saying all professional conferences are boring – we’ve been to some amazing ones in Toronto and around the globe – but the standard ‘put a bunch of smart people in a room to listen to other smart people for a few hours (or days)’ model can get a little tired, right? Similarly to the way HackerNest shakes up the standard ‘networking event’, NewCo Toronto, presented by Cossette, offers something a little different from your average tech event.

John Battelle, co-founder of Wired magazine, founded NewCo in 2012 in San Francisco, modelling the event after music festivals rather than business conferences. Now operating in over 15 cities, NewCo lands in Toronto for the first time September 15.

“With its reputation for innovation and forward-thinking, Canada became the logical choice for our next NewCo Festival, particularly in Toronto where there is such a diverse cultural mosaic and a flourishing business start-up community,” says Battelle.

New NewCo model lines up progressive companies which are pushing the boundaries and redefining industries to host events at multiple locations around the city. Toronto’s host companies (or, NewCos!) include Google Canada, G Adventures, Wattpad, Soulpepper, and Wealthsimple. Speakers include founders, CEOs, growth marketers, doctors, and Mayor Tory!
Sounds amazing, right? You know you totally want to go…

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