New cities we’ve launched in…and are YOU in our future?


New cities we’ve launched in: Coast to coast to coast.

As we close 2013, we ponder the year. 11 HackerNest cities – and we started with just one a little under 3 years ago. Quite an exciting quarter. We are pre-empting 2014’s mega international launch with a taster of what’s to come.

For November, we solidified our presence in Seattle and Dallas, and have gone ahead with deploying in Montreal (#HackerNestMTL) and Sao Paulo (#HackerNestSAO) with Edmonton, Oshawa, and Manila on the heels of launching. We’ve curated a set of passionate, young HackerNest Organizing teams that will be ultra-successful in bringing our flavor and manner of tech event to their local ecosystems.

We are happy to have them in our HackerNest family. Remember, HackerNest is volunteer-run and powered by door donations and local sponsorships. People contribute to our movement because they too want the kind of communities we build. Businesses and organizations endorse and partner with us because they see value in being integrated with grassroots tech and support our ideals of camaraderie and collaboration as sustainable pillars of any ecosystem.

What will we do next? Tool up and continue to build the operational infrastructure that will support the current and new cities we’ll be onboarding in the coming years.

We’ve had success in evangelizing our mission, our values, our ideals. 2014 will be different. We’ll have all that, AND more structure to all that we do. Growth with be multi-fold, in every regard. Our volunteer teams will hone even more of their event, operations, and relationship skills. New cities will come in abundance. There shall be no geek left behind.

More on all that later, but just thought you should know how we think.