Microsoft BUILD Gives Insight Into Their Newest Technologies


Didn’t make it to the Microdot BUILD Tour in Toronto? Made it but want to check out some highlight and share them with your friends? Here are some links to the best of the event.

Microsoft’s Build Tour includes sessions that will help you to understand how to the integrate the latest Microsoft technologies into your app and software business, and enhance your skill sets.

Some key aspects include:

  • A keynote that will highlight the most notable features, announcements, and demos from BUILD 2016
    learn about new changes in Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform
  • How you can use a single codebase and adaptive UX to target PC‚ mobile‚ Xbox‚ and HoloLens‚ while connecting to the broader iOT
  • Learn to use Xamarin and Microsoft’s cloud services in conjunction with the skills you have for rich cross-platform experiences


Wes Bos, developer of the extremely popular React for Beginner’s video series, Alex Blom, partner at the IsleOfCode Ember shop in Toronto, Steve Fisher, designer and UX fanatic at the Republic of Quality, and Stacey Mulcahey, JavaScript and Node hacker extraordinaire will get together for a discussion on the future of front-end web frameworks and dev tools. Moderated by Rami Sayar, these experts will explore the future of web dev tools in addition to npm, Grunt, Gulp, and Webpack; the future of cross-platform app frameworks now that React Native supports UWP, iOS, Android; and compare and contrast building complex apps with tools such as Visual Studio Code with Electron and React Native.

Sounds awesome, right?