Meet in real life


We actually meet and engage in R-E-A-L life. Regularly.

You can’t beat a firm handshake. Tired of having someone’s avatar passionlessly stare back at you? Get out of your basement. Online is great, but as a complement to meeting in real life. We’re not ordering pizza or widgets here – we’re ordering people! (just kidding). In person = awesome.

Really though, going back to basics here has value. There is no better way to build lasting relationships with the people around you than to look them in the eye (sometimes, both) when chatting. Realtime behavioral elements, nuances, everything – all surface when you engage people in face-to-face conversation.

Unlike traditional networking (you know, the ones where Susan talks to Charles only because she knows there’s something to gain from him), HackerNest Tech Socials bring people out who are passionate about technology. They’d have come hang out regardless of whether you hired them, started a new business together, or something else.