Mayor John Tory Proclaims July 26 ‘Tech Community Day’ in Toronto


July’s Toronto Tech Social brought together members from all over the GTA, a member of the British Consulate in Toronto, city Councillors, and Mayor John Tory. Toronto-based tech community groups including DevTO, TechTO, Full Stack TO, Music Tech TO, and Virtual and Augmented Realities Toronto joined HackerNest at Toronto’s City Hall on July 26th.

Almost 400 people came to watch as Mayor Tory proclaimed July 26th ‘Tech Community Day’ at City Hall. HackerNest Tech Socials are about bringing people together and helping to build community in a city where people work and live so close together, but may not even know one another.

HackerNest is honoured to be a part of what is happening in tech in Toronto and were thrilled to receive the proclamation scroll for ‘Tech Community Day’ from Mayor Tory, as well as a scroll for our contributions to the city and its communities from Council Member Norm Kelly.

Though ‘Tech Community Day’ may just be on July 26th, our organization strives to place a continued emphasis on these communities not only in Toronto and across Canada, but globally in cities such as London, England, and Manila, Philippines, to name a couple.

We hope that HackerNest, along with the various groups we partner with, can continue to do work that allows those passionate about tech to live happier and healthier lives.