HN Construct hackathon updates + message from Klick


A wee hackamathon update.


Hey HackerNestites!

Our HackerNest Construct hackathon (brought to you by Klick Inc) looms; last batch of tickets on sale now – get ’em quick: student fare is just $10 while this code gets you a ridiculous 60% off regular tickets:


Our latest sponsor is Intelligent Headset, with the world’s first 3D audio headsets. This is phenomenal technology and they are available to hack on – plan accordingly. Our (possibly flawed) spreadsheet crunching reveals we’re out of Kiwi Moves (the ones we get have 3 sensors).

What’s remaining – 10 UbiSlate tablets, 7 OUYA consoles, Intelligent Headsetsand Raspberry Pi(es):

if your team hasn’t already reserved a device … do so!
#ProTip: combine platforms for mega H4X street-cred.

Need a team? Hit up ChallengePost (the platform we’re using for submissions and judging – get familiar with it!) ASAP, register, and connect with each other through that. We’ll do a very, very basic team matching thing on Saturday based around devices that haven’t been scooped up by other teams.

Now a note from our NEO sponsor…


Welcome to the HackerNest Construct: Mind & Motion hackathon! My name is Chelsea MacDonald – Director of Culture and Engagement at Klick, your NEO sponsor. We hope you’re ready to test the limits of your abilities to code and consume caffeine this weekend.


Klick Health: The agency of the future.

Why did we decide to be your NEO sponsor? First, our people (you’ll meet some this weekend) like this stuff. Hackathons got a lot of buzz on our internal social network, so we’re getting more involved. Second, because we’re hiring. Straight up. We’ve got at least 10 open positions, and we want you to know all about them here. Third, it’s an excuse to make bad Matrix jokes all weekend. Fourth, we’re hiring. Fifth, we’re hiring. Sixth, we’re hiring. You get the picture. 🙂

Who is Klick? We’re a digital marketing agency located at Church & Bloor in Toronto. We have 350 employees, and we are growing FAST. We build stuff like apps, CRM systems, websites and whatever digital things our clients need. About 80% of our clients are in a growth industry: US healthcare. We have one of the best teams in Toronto. Really. We’re voted one of the Best Places to Work (for men and women), Best Managed, Fastest Growing and 10 Most Inspiring Cultures in Canada. You don’t get any of those awards without a fantastic team. 

We also have a Lab, that’s new for us. Many of the new interfaces you’re going to play with today, you’ll find in our playroom in the next few weeks. From refurbishing and adding network connectivity to a 1940’s vending machine, through designing a chicken dance detector using a Kinect and a small PC to building industry disrupting product prototypes that open up exciting new revenue streams, Labs has done a lot, and we’re excited for it to do more. Be sure to ask Keith (he’s judging) all about it. It’s a small way that we keep innovation happening around the office.

Without further ado, apply now! Just kidding … really. I’m excited to meet everyone this weekend and for you to meet our team. Best of luck to all and can’t wait to see what you come up with!