Happy birthday, HackerNest! Also, happy new year.


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You: Happy birthday, HackerNest!
HN: Awww, you remembered! <3
You: ^_^
HN:  ^_^    ^_^    ^_^    ^_^    ^_^    ^_^    ^_^    ^_^    ^_^  

HackerNest just turned 5!
(founded 11.1.11, incorporated 12.12.12)

Huge thanks to our organizers, sponsors, partners, volunteers, attendees, and of course, the adorable HackerNest team for helping push forward our mission of economic development through technological proliferation!

We want everyone to have the opportunity to get into tech so they can afford to be healthier and happier. Poverty eradication in our lifetimes, folks. This is real.

Some milestone-y stuff:

  • our splinter cells have run events supporting tech ecosystems in 24 cities, 14 countries, and 5 continents so far
  • DementiaHack Toronto 2015 was a great success - the world's foremost dementia hackathon: presented by Facebook and supported by the UK government, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (great CBC + Globe & Mail coverage, testimonials, video)
  • we're over 30,000+ strong worldwide
  • we gave out our first award

Looking forward: 

Tech Socials keep growing. We're producing CourtHack (Salt Lake City) with the National Center for State Courts in March with a US Supreme Court Justice on our judging panel! Rumors: DementiaHack, RefugeeHack, launch of the HackerNest Unite ecosystem, etc.

Thanks for sticking with us, folks. 5 years. 50% of a decade. 1,824 days. 157,593,600 seconds. Awesome.

In the immortal words of Bill S. Preston, Esq., "Be excellent to each other."

Your pals,

Team HackerNest

Tech Socials build real-life communities, the cornerstone of tech ecosystems.

Tech Socials are unpretentious, laid-back events that actually build community (read: make new friends) and aren't about slimy networking (read: trying to impress people so you can use them later).

It's also one of the only tech events where it's not weird to bring (even non-tech) friends.



DementiaHack Toronto 2015 at the waterfront.

We run epic, socially beneficial hackathons rooted in practical application and impact. DementiaHack Toronto 2015 is our proudest success to date, surpassing all expectations: 350+ participants (40% female), 500+ attendees, 75+ volunteers, 70+ demos, 55+ mentors, $175K in prizes, partners like Facebook, the UK/Canadian governments, and many more. 

Photos and videos.

The HackerNest Unite ecosystem platform is designed to bring together the entire tech community and industry - in one place.

Unite features companies, jobs, classes, events, news, and much more under a central, easy-to-navigate, nonpartisan industry-community hub. The first place to look for all things tech in your city.

Municipal governments and sponsors, please get in touch.

What we do is made possible by our sponsors & partners. Thank you for endorsing and supporting the HackerNest movement.

Interested in partnering? Let's connect. We like chatting about tech, community stuff, hackathons, and massive economic infrastructure development projects.


We (this includes you) are the tech community. And we are legion.

Just kidding, we're actually phalanx.
HackerNest builds local tech communities around the world. Our mission is economic development through technological proliferation. We deliver epic, socially beneficial hackathons that show the world what good can come from the tech community.
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You received this because of your involvement with HackerNest's events.

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