HackerNest at the U of T Science Rendezvous!


Members of Team HackerNest spent this past gorgeous (if slightly rainy!) Saturday at the U of T Science Rendezvous! The event, which takes place in multiple cities and venues across Canada, saw St. George Street in downtown Toronto closed to traffic. Well, except the solar car that toured around throughout the day!

Science and tech enthusiasts of all ages enjoyed presentations, experiments, and hands-on projects from multiple exhibitors lined up along St. George Street and in multiple U of T buildings. Robots, dry ice, cosplay… That’s right – the science rendezvous had a little bit of everything.

At the HackerNest booth, we ran mini hardware hackathons for kids. We scoured our offices – and recycling bins – for items kids could ‘hack’ together and turn into something else. Why hackathons? (And why not just call it arts and crafts?) HackerNest is focused on building tech communities, and that, to us, starts at a young age. Encouraging kids to get creative and experience STEM in fun and age-appropriate ways is a perfect introduction to the skills they can learn and the careers they can enter later in life.

So we had a list of ‘challenge sets’ – just like you’d see at a HackerNest hackathon – and asked participants to make one of those items out of the things that were laid out on the table. We saw some amazing boats and rocket ships, and even a robot chicken.

Amazing what you can do with a little imagination and a few everyday items.

Special thank you to the folks from MakerCat for helping out, and Kid on the Moon and Vesta Rainbow for demoing their NASA SpaceApps projects!