HackerNest Tech Job Fair – Toronto, Sat Nov 8th, 2014


And then we made a job fair. Held at the Exam Halls, University of Toronto on Saturday, November 8th, 2014, HackerNest’s inaugural Tech Job Fair will connect Toronto’s talented talent to innovative companies. The friendly, down-to-earth atmosphere of all HackerNest events makes it effortless for people to talk and get to know each other. An extension of our community building efforts (Tech Socials in 19+ cities, hackathons, and more!), this Job Fair will embody the relaxed, yet exacting approach of relationship development, and allow both job seekers and employers to vet each other!

HackerNest (@HackerNest) October 11, 2014

JOB SEEKERS and attendees, your registration is free, but SIGN-UP for a chance to win free stuff…this, that, an iPad >>

STARTUPS AND EMPLOYERS needing table space, register now. If you’re an organization looking to connect with diverse tech talent in Toronto, then this event is for you. The job fair will be promoted to tech industry professionals across the eastern Canadian HackerNest Tech Social and hackathon ecosystem – Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Montreal – as well as to undergraduate, graduate, and professional development students and alumni associations of major schools in the region.

$700- DOUBLE TABLE: 10’ x 2’ table + 4 chairs: 10 job board posts ($300 value), logo on event listing, handout, email announcement, attendee resumes / LinkedIn profiles

$475- SINGLE TABLE: 5’ x 2’ table + 2 chairs: 4 job board posts ($120 value), logo on event listing, handout, attendee resumes / LinkedIn profiles

Interested in sponsorship or more exclusive major booth space? Please email sponsorship@hackernest.com