HackerNest Construct hackathon, Toronto: Feb 22-23 updates!


 in case you didn’t get our email, or it didn’t propagate all the pretty images and logos we originally had, so here it is!

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 Interested in hackathons? → Sweet, read on!

Hey folks,

The HackerNest Construct hackathon (“Mind & Motion” next-gen interface devices theme) is Feb 22-23, 2014 . Judging is based entirely on creativity, innovative use of technology, and coolfactor — not business plans or monetization strategy. Join up to win cash, wicked prizes, and mammoth street cred (because everyone on the street expects you to h4x). Also, it’s gonna be ridiculously fun.

Tickets are going surprisingly quickly considering we haven’t really hyped this much yet – so register ASAP – participants capped at 150 to ensure a quality, well-produced event!



Each team gets 1 device (unless bringing your own), so please let us know if you’ve reserved more than 1 (i.e. 2 hackers signed up, reserved devices, then decided to join forces later… making one of those devices redundant).


Need a team?

Register ASAP anyway to save your spot. We’ll put folks looking for teams in touch with each other, but your best bet will be to show up to the Monday, Feb 17th Toronto Tech Social (doubling as a team-matching event). Get a head start by posting in the event listing.


Feb 17th Tech Social – team-matching rundown:

  1. Submit your idea: your project, device, name, and email will be projected on the wall in a spreadsheet

  2. Pitch: get 60 seconds to share your idea, then line up against the wall (in order)
    (IMPORTANT: talking during pitches will get you escorted out as per our no scuzzbag policy)

  3. Then a quick 3-second recap of each project

  4. Finally, chaos as everyone (using the wall for reference) scrambles to connect with their to-be teams …fun!

We’ll do a truncated version of this on the 22nd, but it’ll be nowhere near as elegant or pleasant. You’ve been warned. Form teams early – hackathons are always more fun with friends.


Prepare! Get familiar with devices, do code tutorials, read, read, read.

You’re going into battle. Keep your weapons (and mind) sharp.


None of this is possible without our ridiculously fantastic sponsors:

 (Interested in sponsoring? Quick, email info@hackernest.com!


Alrighty people – this’ll be safe, fun-as-heck, competitive-but-respectful – we’ll have a blast. Stay tuned for updates from us close to hack weekend!



the HackerNest team


P.S. Still haven’t hit a Tech Social? Fix that: http://meetup.com/hackernest