HackerNest at the 2016 Mensa Annual Gathering


This past week, HackerNest HQ traded in office chairs for poolside loungers, and headed to San Diego, California for the Mensa Annual Gathering. Armed with sunscreen, HackerNest tee shirts, and as many stickers as we could fit in our bags, we departed early Tuesday morning, selfie stick at the ready.

This was indeed a working vacation, but we still found time to hang out poolside, check out beaches, go to a baseball game, and team-build. We all like each other so much, it was a really great chance to hang.

As for the working part of the trip, we made it a priority to meet and talk to as many interesting people as possible. This wasn’t entirely difficult, as the event was full of folks from around the world who’d travelled to get together, learn, and discuss a range of topics so broad it’s impossible to fit into one post. And Will Wheaton was there!

Shaharris kicked off HackerNest’s programming at the 2016 Mensa AG with a talk on our experiences and successes with DementiaHack, and the work, relationships, and tools it took to secure Facebook and the UK and Canadian Governments as sponsors.

For something a little more interactive, we also held a mini hack showcase with Mensa members showing off the incredible things they’d built. Mailbot, anyone? Sounds cool, and it is! Over a hundred Mensans joined us to talk tech, share experiences, and make nerd friends. Sounds a bit like a Tech Social, doesn’t it?

To close out the week, Shaharris spoke passion and purpose to a packed room. “Define Your Life’s Purpose in 42 Minutes” was a huge hit! For the rest of our time at the Mensa AG, people who saw our HackerNest t-shirts would approach and mention that they’d seen him speak, then ask for more information about what we do. Across the board, we all love HackerNest so much that it’s always a pleasure to chat about our mission with interested people.

All in all, our trip to San Diego was an amazing work vacation filled with fantastic people and great company, tons of learning opportunities, and some truly unforgettable moments. We’re thrilled to have been part of the Mensa AG, and will be back next year in Hollywood, Florida!