Final Pre-Hackathon Update for DementiaHack Nov 7-9


DementiaHack Toronto 2015 is upon us! We’re going to tackle some massive challenges this weekend, building tools and solutions to help folks with dementia and their caregivers. Hell yeah, #DementiaHack.

Last updates:

  • like most legitimate hackathons, DementiaHack has participants sign an indemnity and media release waiver upon registration – IF YOU’RE UNDER 18, PRINT THIS OUT FOR A PARENT/GUARDIAN TO SIGN
  • discounted onsite parking is available; you can pre-purchase it here
  • get lots of sleep

See you at 8am on Sat, Nov 7 at George Brown College’s Waterfront Campus (map)!

Note: DementiaHack is fully catered & there is always food available. We serve hot meals every 4-5 hours. You will never go hungry at a HackerNest hackathon.

Rest well, and good luck with your preparations.

A heartfelt thanks to our presenting and headline sponsors, partners, as well as to the mentors, advisors, partners, and organizers who have worked tirelessly to bring you this stellar event.

Your pals,

Team DementiaHack


Recap of some of the stuff from our last note:

Super important:

  • every member of your team must also be signed up on to be eligible for prizes
  • you can pre-build hardware (logic: if you build on iOS, it means Apple pre-built your hardware)
  • we don’t provide tools/stuff, so bring everything you need (including a power bar!)
  • Misc: Weekend Schedule | Challenge Sets | Travel to Toronto
    load all the software/environments you need (IDEs, SDKs, libraries, etc.) on everyone’s machines
  • if you’re Win 7, expect certificate issues – so arrive early (we’ll have IT folks helping you connect)


How the Sunday Science Fair Demos/Judging works:

Teams will be physically clustered by the challenge set they’re competing in (i.e. “Family Caregiver” teams in the same area, “Researcher/Scientist” teams in another, etc.). You will demo from the same table you worked at all weekend for small groups of mentors who will go from table to table evaluating teams. Yes, these are the same mentors we’ve been connecting teams with over the past several weeks. We aspire for each team to demo at least twice. This format takes some of the pressure off demos and also lets you watch other teams present. Fun!

Judging criteria. We’re not super focused on exact monetization plan; that’s rolled into feasibility. You can always build a business around a useful product, but the reverse isn’t necessarily true. That said, having a damn good go-to-market strategy will only help your team shine brighter.

Monday, November 9th Finals (also at the George Brown College Waterfront Campus)
Everyone’s invited – but seating is first-come-first-serve. George Brown College is treating us to a catered reception by the 2nd floor auditorium from 6:30pm; finals start at 7:30pm. Finalists must be at the auditorium at 4:30pm for tech/demo setup and run-throughs. Please be punctual.


#takeitback Photo Booth!
Dementia steals memories. We’re going to take them back. We’ll have a booth all weekend to capture photos of you supporting the cause and holding an object that’s meaningful to you. Your grandfather’s camera, your mom’s favorite magazine, your uncle’s toolbox – anything that represents a happy memory. Our ask to you: please bring an object that represents a memory you want to take back!

Other stuff to bring: power bar, adapters, extension cords, stationery, paper, headphones, pink fuzzy bunny slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, gluten-free food, sleep mask, energy drinks, etc.

grid of sponsor logos for DementiaHack - top are air bnb and aimia