Developer 30 Under 30 Awards


If you’re familiar with HackerNest’s local tech communities (of course you are! You’re here, aren’t you?) you probably know a lot of really awesome developers doing cool things in your city. With Canada’s surge in innovation and startup culture, there are so many amazing people working on projects which deserve more attention than they get! Now’s your chance to give a friend or coworker some adoration for the things they create.

To solve this problem – the lack of recognition for Canada’s exceptional developers – Plastic Mobile’s CEO Sep Seyedi has created the inaugural Developer 30 Under 30 Awards!

This fantastic initiative aims to identify and award the top 30 Developers from across the country, and will be announced in April, 2017. Winners will be chosen by a panel of expert judges from organizations including RBC, Holt Renfrew, TD, and Kijiji.

“We rely on software every single day – from communicating with each other to getting around, at work, for fun – even to wake up on time. What would we do without it? We believe it’s time to celebrate these contributions and recognize the amazing talent moving our world forward,” states Seyedi.

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The goal is to make the Developer 30 Under 30 Awards an annual celebration of Canadian tech talent! With more and more people across the country learning code, there won’t be any shortage of nominees this year, or in years to come.

To nominate yourself or someone else, visit the Developer 30 Under 30 Awards page. The criteria are pretty straightforward: the nominee must live and work in Canada and have a birthday after April 1, 1987.

Best of luck! We’d love to see some HackerNesters make the list!