DementiaHack Toronto, November 7-9


With the coming of fall, we are quite excited to introduce to you DementiaHack, the world’s foremost dementia-themed hackathon.

Chaired by Jordan Banks, presented by Facebook, supported by the UK and Canadian governments, hosted at George Brown’s new Waterfront Campus, and produced by HackerNest, DementiaHack will not just raise awareness, but also enable the development of life-improving products that’ll make the world a little lighter for those affected by dementia — today.


This year, DementiaHack happens in Toronto, Nov 7-9, 2015 at the newly minted, absolutely beautiful, George Brown College Waterfront Campus. Building on last year’s successful hackathon, it promises expanded programming, new Challenge Sets, more prizes, and more people!

APPLY to participate!


In a nutshell, here’s what’ll happen (Latest schedule):

Oct 3: “Voices from the Field” Workshop + Team Matching

Oct 26: HackerNest Tech Social + Team Matching

Nov 7-8: Hackathon Weekend

Nov 9: Final Monday Night Demos


Our focus, as always, is on prizing tracks that will actually get you to market. That means you’ll see lots of opportunity for travel and showcasing of your prototypes to major health conferences, important potential customers and investors, and to the world in general!


Interested in sponsoring, partnering, or volunteering?

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Challenge Sets, whittled down through a number of exhaustive rounds of discussion and consulation with major hospitals, researchers, clinicians, and other experts, have been defined to give you a strong sense of the major pain points in dementia and Alzheimer’s. These are some of the most common and endemic challenges faced; solve them and you’ll improve millions of lives. That said, these are suggestions, not restrictions: fit the theme, pick a beneficiary, come up with a working solution – and you’ll get to demo.

Diagnosed individuals need help with:

  • making homes (especially kitchens and bathrooms) safer
  • cueing the tasks of daily life in a non-overwhelming, sequenced way
  • emergency alerting and notification systems (falls, etc.)

Family caregivers need help with:

  • easy data reporting on their charge to support clinicians/researchers
  • making repetitive cueing less frustrating
  • finding support, best practices, and coping strategies to care for themselves and others

Institutional caregivers and clinicians need help with:

  • safe administration of medication in a multiple-caregiver, multiple-patient setting
  • preventing bedsores
  • non-intrusive location tracking and monitoring

Researchers need help with:

  • collecting real-life cognition/processing data, e.g. time it takes to dial a phone number
  • finding and reaching participants for studies and trials
  • better health and environmental data, e.g. past diagnoses, medications, profession, etc.


For us and all our presenting organizations, the cause is key. Enabling the development of life-improving products and services that directly benefit people now is our focus and mission. HackerNest delivers epic, socially beneficial hackathons that show the world what good can come from the tech community. We hope others are inspired to do the same.