DementiaHack Sept 12-14 – a hackathon tackling dementia and Alzheimer’s


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We’re producing DementiaHack – a hackathon to improve the lives of people with dementia and their caregivers – with the British Consulate-General Toronto in half a fortnight (Sep 12-14). Researchers. Clinicians. Cheeky tech nerds. British accents.

TLDR: Participate in or volunteer at DementiaHack!


It’s not just about raising awareness and it’s not fire-and-forget. The British government is jolly well committed to developing and commercializing effective prototypes that emerge from DementiaHack. This means winners get flown around the UK/Canada on a roadshow to demo their project(s) to major companies and healthcare/medical conferences; they get introductions to potential clients, investors, and partners; and they get the prestige of knowing a country’s government really, really wants them to succeed. Blimey.

This is a rather posh deal. Yes, officially, there’s only one grand prize. But wait a tick. Think about this for a second.

What if EIGHT amazing teams emerge with cracking, impactful, commercially-viable prototypes? Sure, only one team will get their flights paid for. But does that mean the government will totally ignore the other seven? Not bloody likely. That’d be daft and against their mandate, since the whole point of this is to get more products out there helping people.

So forget about the “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE WINNER” rubbish. That’s arbitrary. Show up. Don’t just build for a prize; build for the person whose life you’re going to help make better. Build something that takes the biscuit; something so brill that it’d be barmy NOT to support you, grand prize or otherwise. And we’ll make magic happen.

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