RBC Sponsors HackerNest Throughout North America


Starting January 2017, we are thrilled to announce a partnership between RBC and HackerNest to promote over 16 cities in North America.

“We’re proud that RBC – a huge household name – is sponsoring HackerNest across North America,” says Shaharris Beh, CEO of HackerNest.

By sponsoring these communities, RBC helps further the HackerNest mission of economic development through technology. We’re building a community around the people, engaging with technology, and endeavouring to make an impact in our world for the better, regardless of location, skill level, coding language, or area of focus.

Harnessing these minds can lead to fantastic ideation; such as we’ve seen through our incredible hackathons every year. By empowering and building local tech communities throughout North America and around the world, we’re also strengthening and encouraging individuals to connect with one another and create! Brilliant products and fantastic ideas have been born from Tech Socials and HackerNest tech communities, and it’s this big thinking that builds and supports our economies.

We’re so happy to have RBC on board, and look forward to the great work we’ll do together.