Closing 2014, unraveling 2015.


Thank you all for being part of HackerNest, and a big hand to our tireless Organizers/Volunteers who produce these events for the community. The last Tech Socials for 2014 have come to a close. We’ve had a great turnout and it is all thanks to you! Hope everyone had fun, made some new friends and enjoyed the drinks.

We closed 2014 with events in Waterloo, NYC, Dallas, Tbilisi, Manchester, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Nis. 2015 kicks-off with Tech Socials in Waterloo, NYC, Kuala Lumpur, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Dallas, Montreal, Manchester, and Nis. Every single one build authentic, in-real-life community. We admire our organizing teams for the passion they infuse into their respective ecosystems. Go here to find an event near you.

Haven’t been to a Tech Social à la HackerNest? Check the video. Meantime, stay tuned on HN’s goings on: